Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beautiful Summer Bracelets

 Look at the bracelet (above and below) and tell me it is not enough! Misc dark citrine nuggets, peridot rounds diverse, multi-faceted amethyst nuggets, and miscellaneous ruby rings on the bracelet KB colorful! It is the second series of my favorites too: one set of pearls in sterling tiny cubic Karen Hill Tribes, Thailand, two small series with amethyst dangle charms her. This includes everything a bracelet I love about handmade bracelets. The mix you would probably never find in any jewelry store commercial. I like the colorful bracelets probably a lot because of my personal wardrobe, which I wear lots of black and white, usually all white or all black with a hint of another color. Bracelets of precious stones mixed add a little jump in my clothes, although I like to think of themselves as sophisticated, might also be thought of otherwise boring.
The stone that I believe it is frequently mentioned in the Bible. It is often used in antiquity, both in jewelry and art, and yet undeniable beauty. This bracelet features lampwork artist chrysoprase beads, sterling silver chain component of the second, and one of the prettiest of our toggle clasp in sterling.Peridot bracelet shows (pictured above and below) my penchant for mixing different cuts of gems of the same stone. Lampwork beads are by the artist a flash of metallic color that also sparkle. (Peridot stone is in August, so watch for more jewelry peridot).
Spark works great summer! Imagine the bracelet with Swarovski run completely white. The Pacific Opal Swarovski crystals is my favorite. I love their luster, and they remind me of the water in the Bahamas. The sterling silver chain that "something extra" and dangled by Swarovski charms.
Turquoise is also ideal for the summer. Below the lampwork beads in this necklace determine turquoise color scheme. The turquoise beads, clear and dark amber. Sleeping Beauty turquoise chalcedony turquoise and other true that a complete brown amber lampwork beads that captures the dark. The cut flower gems carnelian.Below really is the collar of hunky, chunky turquoise wristband with beautiful large turquoise nuggets mixed with gold Vermeil Bali. A simple key charm hangs from one side because of the bracelet. Is the best mix of my emerald and abalone, and the last bracelet, you can see why I love her so much. Rough Emeralds look great with abalone, red accents really adds to the glow of the bracelet.


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