Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sea Foam Style Jewelry

Is fine if the weather should be something like our own, offers the rain shower is April not.therefore made available to me and can cascade of rain, which gave me the plan for the collar. I like the basic design - and that's part of the kewl way to make UAC! - But I have a ton of ideas now on similar ideas, but better. I have at least three changes in my sketchbooks up  and boiling in my head. In fact, this weekend I'll probably repeat the lock, maybe do it because I do not like this piece of sheet metal.

 That's why I do not shoot it directly. But I have to write it, cause the family vacation plans and I did not want to, I think, "You will have the time to Sunday evening, and I did not want to put my first official language week.I really think the asymmetrical design, I have is not used to this kind of design is actually fun! crystal sharp decline is vintage, and this is a first for me .. it is a half drilled. I have the down payment with the son of 20 gauge, I'm in glue, but I think the cover is so much like the glue that polished. seed beads between fire has a satin and vintage .. probably cut by 20-30. I love my vintage beads.

Not much to say about this piece, I like it, but I did not have the "buzz" I had a week 14th Loved the materials I used ... Beads (got to love pearls! And what better way to use it on a sea theme!) Triangles Japanese spacers, 6mm adventure tours, and these large, irregular triangle chrysoprase drop! OK, maybe I liked it better than I realized - some crystals, a few for some of Sparky.I like the clip, I wish I bought more, they are so elegant with a modern style.

I think the difference between last week and this week is last week I was really trying something new .. working on the slope just looks unbalanced. So I really am in the process, the techniques to do this. This chain could, I did not get a firm "hit" from the imaging challenge .

 Drift, sea foam, waves. I finally remembered the chrysoprase, I bought in February, and by this make me think .. of sea moss irregular shapes, colors, rocky, "dirty" parts ... and went from there. I'm really excited about next week: waves, depths and shallows. I have some ideas, sketches, and a very well what I do, just not sure if I can do, as it is in my head. If I is that I like what I learn to do something completely new for me! Can not wait to start! Must ... Life has been in the right way now, hopefully come to a halt this weekend!

charm bracelet

This is an exquisite bracelet made of beads in floral Jon Bubblebeader made. I do not know how he does! The beads have floral petals of white, green and yellow color centers are a wonderful apricot with a blush of some places. They have a matte finish and are simply beautiful. The beads of butter cream with swirls are by Lisa Sharik. I added hand-pearl pendant excellent silver and valid citrine chips, Bali, Turkish pure silver, costly stones and small washers citrine. The earrings are in fact incredible unique and prove the flowery beads. Thank you, Jon! It is sold on auction on Ebay this week, as a set.

According to many predictions fall fashion, plum, ginger, spices, burnt orange, dark wine, moss green and dark olive green, the colors of the clothes we were leaving and will suddenly begin a move toward winter. Of course, if you want really smart (and I mean in the sense of French) Your jewelry will complement these colors. I'm happy because some jewelry that I will eventually look great in them, if you have a whole sentence or even a hint of the "new" color have.

I like leopard skin jasper, and that is a perfect stone for this fall. The many models, whose main task is his name, add variety and interest to an outfit monochrome - my favorite! (I really think that makes dressing in one color from head to toe makes you look slimmer). And leopard skin jasper is exceptionally versatile because the interplay of colors in his reasons, striped, dotted, striped and spotted. With this bracelet and earrings, which some people red jasper, leopard skin around it from its counterpart with a different name or golden-brown tone. The peach and pink are great with brown, gray, charcoal, black, and even what appears to be a little attracted by dark olive green. There is really no way to get the colors of the leopard skin if you think you're ready to list, you realize that you might be a different shade of peach, pink or red or black to see. Of course, this would set up Jazz Basic Black, but look bruised with wine, and olive green, and moss green, and ginger and spices
Well, you know. The earrings are big enough to show, even those with long hair.

This bracelet is approximately cut tourmalines, but very polite in different shades, from dark pink to dark green. We do not have the colors of autumn again, so that you know how to fit this bracelet and earrings do not go together. What makes this unit special is that little round beads between each of the tourmalines real natural rubies. They are opaque, and a rich, dark red. This is a bracelet of weight to be able to make these dresses fall hardest.