Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jewelry to Match Fashion Fall

According to many predictions, fall fashion, plums, ginger, spices, Burnt orange wine, is black, moss green and black olives for the colors of the clothes we leave summer time coming and kicking begins departure of winter. Of course, if you really chic (and I mean that in the French sense) jewelry will complement these colors. I'm happy because some jewelry that I will eventually look great with them, if you have a whole sentence or even a hint of the "new" color have.
I leopard skin jasper, and it is a perfect foundation for this fall. The many models, the key is called bring variety and interest to an outfit monochrome - my favorite! (I really think that makes dressing in one color from head to toe makes you look slimmer). And leopard skin jasper is exceptionally versatile because discovered the interplay of colors in his striped pattern, striped and spotted.

This bracelet and earrings set with a call that some people distinguish a red jasper, leopard skin around them from their counterparts in a tone more or until golden brown. Fishing and pink with brown, gray, charcoal, black big, and also what appears to be a little attracted by dark olive green. There really are no way the colors in leopard skin-list because if you think you're ready, you may be another peach or pink or red or gray realize find. Of course, this set would jazz up basic black, but look bruised with wine and olive green, moss green, and ginger and spices Well, you know. The earrings are big enough to show, even those with long hair.

The bracelet has tourmaline rough hewn, but very polished in various colors, from dark pink to dark green. We do not need this fall colors again to realize how this would fit bracelet and earrings. What makes this set special is that little round beads are between tourmalines true natural rubies. They are opaque and of a rich, dark red. This bracelet is a weight to be able to drop these clothes is heavier.