Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jewelry Is Magical

I do not know why the magic that is the jewel in the sense that many people believe that certain stones can instill positive qualities or treat disease. Jewelry fascinating for me because it can cheer me up, do my best days - and make me look better. Is a line of jewelry blue eyes over a beautiful full leather in my country (I'm a little vain about), and can be put together costume (which is why I love gems and jewelry that contains more than colored stones). I am lucky because I make jewelry, and can watch all the time. And just look makes me happy. I called to make a series of bracelets and put on the table beside my bed, so it's the last thing I see before going to bed, and the colors are the first thing I see when I wake up.
"I was happy to be a" collection of jewelry, today, from a blue topaz and citrine upper belt. Save Quality London blue topaz, citrine and pearl quality sized rectangular amazing fantasy together. Routes Citrine gems back in the workshops planned for this, it is interesting on both sides. Added a 14-carat jewel accents goldfilled, but I like the mix so that you can wait a sterling silver soon.
Blue Moon light  are heavily gold Less than moonstone rainbow bracelet with vermeil and 14 karat goldfill. Above the turquoise bracelet turquoise blue Sleeping Beauty sky blue. The dark blue and light blue rectangles echo the colors of beads with a torch box with a blue side and the dark side of the slides (Aqua) blue divided by a whirlwind of money.

Other dialects, including the sterling silver chain necklace cord that is no longer with turquoise cabochon in a turquoise center.Below - lunar rocks more! Moonstone is the color of peach-purple (and set up peaches, plums, purple leaves and pink or take in the shade), with the glitter and glamor beautiful little for them. The second set is one of our favorite channels in Sterling with a powerful magic instead suspended Karen tribe.
Beautiful flower decorated sterling lock bracelet.Below moon moon completes garnet necklace bracelet is a bright light right! I like the colors here, and I added some copper-colored Swarovski crystals, crystal shine. He does not look great with black?Finally, two bracelets and a mixture of stones that have become very popular! For a long time I could not find the parts of aspects of the use of apatite, but when I did, got it! Proved a set of smoke quartz, apatite, and Sunstone to be beautiful and very versatile. I have a bracelet with sterling silver accents and the other in red.

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