Thursday, March 15, 2012

Autumn Jewels

wonderful for this reduce, a briolette necklace in a magnificent plunge orange-red quality that develop the lot you put on it among. large for fundamental black, seem to be extraordinary with bright pink, buff and turquoise specially. simply the slight rondelles are carnelian; all the extra stones, as well as the radiant droplet briolette, are Laguna Botswana agate! These are a fantastic translucent stone so plainly gorgeous that the full necklace reminds me of solid candy!

Here's a little bracelet, a necklace can match. Again, only small washers carnelian nuggets are all Laguna Agate Botswana. The stones in this bracelet shows the wonderful transparency (what I call the "Hard Candy" effect) and a range of warm colors in this magnificent stone. The stones are so beautiful that the only decoration on the bracelet is a sterling silver hook rocking chair.

Below, a bracelet as a pale oval carnelian heart. Red carnelian rings and nuggets to join in the Orange Carnelian Heishi different colored beads and sterling silver accents. During the carnelian is nice, the difference between him and look to the Laguna Botswana agate.

Finally, an example of breaking my own rule. I used to always bring something, a small stone or even a small freshwater pearl necklace, if I interfere in any way a Nugget Nuggets want. I do not even see a hint of the thread below. But here I wanted the effect of these Indian agate nuggets with their characteristic gradient banding and beautiful shades of color without defamation or other item, including money, so I broke the rule. Fortunately, the Nuggets completed drill holes smooth and uniform, so that does not show at all while wearing the wire. "Correspondence" between the same band, however, carnelian beads Heishi Indian agate nuggets. They work to the bracelet is more flexible physically important because we are dealing with a small circle of stones here.

I finished this bracelet with a clasp, star-shaped rocker, which I love for its different look: feminine and strong. I also nugget earrings to match this game, I'll post later. The Indian agate is perfect to wear to work or school, meaning its many colors, it is much like khaki, camel, almost all neutral, and taupe - but he uses the colors that we have come to associate to the fall . If you are not a nugget necklace and want to add more items, you must be sure that the ends of these nuggets were consistent even holes and the ends are seamless.

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  1. A lovely combination to create an ideal sophisticated necklace to add a little sparkle to your daily outfits.